Style spied: Reef triumphs over confidence issues

Struggling through hijab issues is what has brought Reef El Zein to where she is today. By Shea Rasol.

When Reef made peace with herself after struggling with the hijab for almost five years of her teenage life, she realized that the hijab was the strength that she’d been looking for.

This Lebanese girl residing in the UK told Aquila Style that when she started blogging in mid-January this year, it signified a new beginning for her, a beginning where she’s no longer a girl who lacks confidence and is resentful of life. Her Instagram page aims to inspire young hijabi girls facing similar obstacles like Reef once had.

With deep admiration for the styles of turban queen Ascia Al-Faraj, Reef is now undertaking fashion design courses and aspires to become a designer one day. Through her designs, she discovers the beauty of capturing inspiration from her surroundings. Her fascination for Islamic Arabian culture was piqued by its rich and diverse aesthetics.

Admitting that lately she’s drawn more to simple outfits such as an oversized loose shirt with jeans and accessories, Reef explains further that her style tends to change with time; she realizes her personal style preference is multi-faceted.

Get in touch with Reef and be inspired by her daily outfit musings at her Instagram account, @reefzn.