Style spied: Sebina Hussain, an aspiring lawyer from the UK

Putting her faith first has helped Sebina Hussain learn that embracing hijab was a life-changing experience. By Shea Rasol.

An aspiring lawyer from the UK, Sebina Hussain, 22, obtained her law diploma last summer and has just completed her postgraduate diploma in legal practice. Like many hijabis, Sebina didn’t realize that joining Instagram two years ago would get her worldwide attention for her stylish daily outfits.

“If I’d known how much fun fashion blogging was or that people would admire my style, then I would have started a lot sooner!” she said.

Sebina used to go for bright colors and intricate patterns, inspired by her Pakistani background, but her styles come and go. As of now she finds herself more drawn to neutral shades and simpler garments.

Her hijab story began two years ago when she first started covering up. Before that, she said that she tried to wear the hijab regularly but social pressure got to her, making her think that it would prevent her from achieving her dreams of pursuing a career.

But she believes that when you put your faith in Allah, He turns the world right for you – a similar experience for many other new hijabis. In fact, she’s found the hijab to be a life-changing experience, opening up avenues for her to meet new people through blogging.

“I think it’s important to show the women out there, Muslim or not, that you don’t have to be a fashion graduate or designer to be stylish. It doesn’t matter what job you do, you should always aim to look your best when you do it.”

Follow Sebina’s style updates on her website Sebinaah or on Instagram @sebinaah