Tips For Styling Your Hijab

While not all Muslim women wear a hijab, many opt to do so as a symbol of their faith. This head covering is worn over the hair, neck, and bosom to preserve the wearer’s modesty. A hijabi, or Muslim woman who chooses to wear a hijab, usually starts wearing a scarf or veil in public … Read more

The Best Muslim Wedding Dresses – Tips For Choosing

Weddings are considered to be a very important event in any person’s life. Weddings are a vital part of Muslim culture and it is considered one of the most sacred events that can happen in a person’s life. Hijab is an important part of Islam and Wedding dresses are made keeping in view the importance … Read more

Style Spied: Nur Hanis from Singapore

This 19-year-old young lady from Singapore began experimenting and dabbling with hijab styles and fashion two years ago. She loves sharing ideas with other beautiful hijabers and hopes to inspire more ladies to become hijabers as well! Credits: Nur Hanis