The Importance and Benefits of Reading Online Reviews

The fact that we have easy access to the Internet and with it, access to various websites, the way we shop online has drastically changed. Nowadays, people rarely choose a service, product, or manufacturer without reading at least some reviews posted online. In fact, 94% of people who shop online stated that a negative review … Read more

How Palestine’s last keffiyeh factory is helping olive trees to flourish

Hirbawi Textile Factory, located in Hebron, is the only producer of the original keffiyeh in all of Palestine. The factory was founded in 1961 by Yasser Hirbawi. Photo by Eloise Bollack Environmental activist Morgan Cooper found a sustainable way to fund the planting of trees in Palestine for its people: selling local artisanal products online. She … Read more

Supermums Ruling The Digital World

These supermums are part of a growing wave of women who use the Internet to spawn success. By Afia R Fitriati. Iim Fahima Jachja CEO, Virtual Consulting A little girl with bangs squeals upon my arrival to the third floor of the Graha Sentana Building, the headquarters of Virtual Consulting, Indonesia’s up-and-coming digital marketing consultancy firm and … Read more