The Shameful Surveillance of Women’s Modesty: “Jilboobs”

Hijab-shaming distracts us from bigger problems in our communities, writes Afia R Fitriati. A derogatory word has lately become a trending topic in Indonesia’s social media circles: “jilboobs”, referring to hijabis with shapely breasts. What’s worse, it’s not just a fluffy word thrown in casual conversations here and there; there are Twitter hashtags and Facebook fan … Read more

5 must-own hijabs that every hijabi’s wardrobe needs

Like any other item in your wardrobe, there are also staples for hijabs. Maryam Yusof shares some of her go-to scarves. Once a woman starts wearing the hijab, a desire often follows to buy one in every shade, material, length, cut and style. After all, for many of us a scarf is something that we wear daily; … Read more

Why the funky hairstyle of a woman in hijab shouldn’t surprise you

What’s under my headscarf matters to me, say Muslim women with alternative haircuts and fashion styles. Elest Ali is but one of them. Whether or not you approve, the current fad of hijabi fashionistas and make-up tutorials seems here to stay. Yet with so much attention being given to the public facade, one wonders if there’s anything … Read more

10 quick ‘n easy tips for home hijab care

Try these 10 top tips to keep your fave hijabs looking new for as long as possible! Handwash your hijabs. If you insist on using the washing machine, place your hijabs in a mesh laundry bag or a pillowcase first Wash dark and light coloured hijabs separately Always use cold water to wash Use only … Read more

Ladies, it’s time to face the ugly truth behind complexion issues

Ameera Al Hakawati looks at the complex issue of skin tone facing young women in the Middle East and beyond. Like most women, I’ve had my fair share of hang-ups about the way I am. From the way I look to the way I talk, walk and wear my hijab, I’m pretty sure I’ve overanalyzed every … Read more

My Hijab Journey

It is a decision that may take years for some to make. Maryam Yusofshares the turning point in her life when she decided to wear the hijab for good. I started wearing the hijab on the first day of Ramadan in 2010, a few months before I turned 20. Since then, many people have asked me … Read more

Varsity Football Team Wears Hijab To Support Player

A high school girls’ football team from Denver, Colorado shows the world the meaning of team spirit. Afia R Fitriati has the story. Sometimes a small act of kindness goes a long way. Samah Aidah is a varsity football player for Overland High School in Denver, Colorado. Her school team hasn’t been performing too well lately, having … Read more

“Camel hump” hijab-shaming reveals more than meets the eye

Why negative attitudes towards young Muslims won’t help raise a self-assured generation. A few years ago, I was chatting to a friend from university in her dorm room. She was raised in an East African Muslim family, but she didn’t wear hijab and I had no idea of her own religious convictions. We somehow mentioned … Read more

Hijab removal campaign puts focus on Iran’s women, freedom of dress

While the “Stealth Freedom” of Iranian women is inspiring, framing covering as oppression and uncovering as freedom is both stale and problematic, writes Sya Taha. The liberal feminist organisation Femen and its members’ naked breasts have had their media run. Now a more modest sort of uncovering is happening, this time in Iranian social media. Last month, London-based … Read more