Rushing for Morocco’s “liquid gold”? Here’s how to get the best argan oil

A Moroccan woman shows a bottle of argan oil as her colleagues crush argan tree nuts in Smimmou, near Essaouira, to make argan oil. The argan tree is unknown for many people since it grows only in southwestern Morocco, in an area covering 700,000–800,000 hectares. The argan tree produces nuts, from which a nutritious oil … Read more

6 habits to avoid during Ramadan

During this month of trial, be extra cautious of how you take care of your body. By Shea Rasol. So you hope you’ll lose a couple of kilos because of fasting this Ramadan? Think again. If you had and still have these habits, chances are you won’t lose that nagging kilos you’ve been wanting to shed. … Read more

Fitness in the forest: how outdoor exercise can benefit you

Looking for a natural boost to energize your workout routine? Look no further than nature, says Zain Saraswati Jamal. We all know that exercise is one of the most powerful forms of preventative healing accessible to us. What if we could increase its potency to an even greater degree? Well, we can! By taking our … Read more

Fitness and fasting: Making exercise during Ramadan work for you

It’s a dilemma faced by many Muslims every year. Omar Shahid breaks down how you can both fast and exercise. Going to the gym on an empty stomach, without any water and slightly sleep-deprived during the long summer days of July may seem a little loony. Yet all across the world, many Muslims choose to do this. On … Read more