5 must-see documentaries on women’s issues, religion and politics

Film buff Eren Cervantes-Altamirano recommends six thought-provoking documentary films that you need to see. I love all sorts of films, but I especially like documentaries. They are a very effective way to get a message across in a short span of time. My favorite documentaries are those that touch on women’s lives, religion and political events. These … Read more

Muslim players to compete in World Cup during Ramadan

This year’s World Cup tournament will coincide with Ramadan – how will Muslim players handle it? By Beta Nisa. With Ramadan fast approaching, Muslims all over the world are preparing themselves – including Muslim football players who are competing in the 2014 FIFA World Cup. For that reason most football lineup optimizers – as shown here … Read more

The truth about being a single Muslim mother

Misbah Akhtar, the founder of Single Muslim Mums, looks at the unique barriers faced by this minority group. The issue of single Muslim mothers is fast becoming a prevalent one; with divorce on the rise, it seems only logical that some of these statistics would also apply to Muslim households. Why then are they not … Read more

Malay-Muslim Weddings: Dress Code Deciphered

Dressing up for a wedding is serious business. Maryam Yusof sheds light on what to wear (and what not to) when invited to one. I’m hitting that age where people have started to think about their future, apply for their houses and – gasp – get married. So when I received my first wedding invite, I … Read more