Aquila Style’s Columnists Highlights 2012

Afia R Fitriati rounds up on our columnists’ writings this year. This year marks the birth of this smashing new website. I believe I can speak for all my fellow Aquila columnists that we all feel lucky to have the honor of coloring this site weekly with our reportings, commentaries, analyses and, sometimes, rambling musings. Whether … Read more

My Insta-ddiction to Instagram

From filters to follows, Maryam Yusof loves her Instagram. Here she shares a few of her favorite Instagrammers. I must admit that I’ve become quite addicted to Instagram lately. I like being able to share the happenings in my life instantly through images. Adding filters to my pictures to make them look ‘vintage-y’ and ‘artistic’ makes … Read more

Malay-Muslim Weddings: Dress Code Deciphered

Dressing up for a wedding is serious business. Maryam Yusof sheds light on what to wear (and what not to) when invited to one. I’m hitting that age where people have started to think about their future, apply for their houses and – gasp – get married. So when I received my first wedding invite, I … Read more

Pulling Off Printed Pants

They’re not the easiest articles of clothing to get right, says Maryam Yusof, but the variety that they provide can add depth to any wardrobe. Recently,  a friend turned up to class wearing pretty awesome acid print jeans. While I complimented her on her sartorial chops, a male friend of mine – characteristically I might add … Read more

DIY: Go Galactic!

Maryam Yusof shows you how to create your own personalized galaxy-print tote bag. There was a time when I was so obsessed with images of the galaxy that I convinced a committee at my school to assign a galactic theme to an upcoming event. Maybe it was from staring at my default MacBook desktop image … Read more