Does Islam Need Feminism?

Amani Alkhat wonders if Islam and feminism can work together. Feminism. In many Muslim communities, the word rolls off the tongue with a bitter aftertaste. And amongst the women of these communities, a stigma surrounds the movement with an especially unique reception. My issue with feminism is that its movement has been dominated by white, middle-class … Read more

Farah Pandith: Engaging One-Fourth of Humanity

President Obama is the first and only American president to recognise the important role that Muslim communities play in the world — not just for today, but also for the future. The person tasked with connecting the US to Muslim communities around the world through their youth is Farah Pandith. By Sofea Famian. The rumours are … Read more

Meet 3 Muslim life-coaches who apply a sprinkling of spirituality

We have personal trainers, therapists and workplace mentors. But an emerging trend is life coaching, couched in the self-help universe. Amal Awad speaks to three Muslim women who are dedicated to empowering others. Anthony Robbins, with his humour and incantation-infused message of personal growth, is a household name. Not far behind him is Louise L Hay, whose … Read more