Young, Urban Women: The Face of Turkey’s Protest Movement

ISTANBUL, June 10, 2013. By Karim Talbi (AFP) – They are young, urban and well-educated, and for the past week they have been sleeping in an Istanbul park: meet the women on the frontline of Turkey’s mass anti-government protests. “We are the women Erdogan would like to see staying at home,” said actress Sevi Algan, … Read more

A Social Entrepreneur’s Faith

An energetic Singaporean Muslimah opens up to Afia R Fitriatiabout giving back to the community that supports her. Sometimes it takes a stumbling block to make one see the true path to oneself. This is what happened to Rozi Faith, a young Singaporean woman who has been actively involved in various social and da’wah activities in … Read more

Maha Abdo: Tapping Women’s Strengths from Within

Muslim women can create great change in their communities and at a wider societal level when they put their heads together. Amal Awadspeaks to Maha Abdo, who has led the charge over the last two decades. Maha Abdo doesn’t like talking about herself. The well-respected CEO of the Muslim Women’s Association (MWA), based in Sydney, … Read more

Style Spied: Hijab Day Jakarta 2014

Check out these fashionable guests at the one-day event. Spotted by Beta Nisa. As expected, Jakarta’s Hijab Day 2014 was filled with not only community support, love and a wealth of information, but also eye-catching styles.

Sri Lanka Muslims still awaiting justice after pre-Ramadan riots

Anti-Muslim violence in southern Sri Lanka by hardline Sinhala-Buddhist nationalists threatens to be an eerie echo of anti-Tamil violence 30 years ago. By Abdul-Halik Azeez. “They came after curfew was imposed,” says Sharmila, sitting by the entrance of her destroyed house. “We thought we were safe in our houses, so we locked ourselves in, but … Read more