MOCAfest 2015: Tasneem Chopra on authentic Muslim narratives to combat Islamophobia

The Australian consultant with a hybrid upbringing believes that the arts are valuable channels of participation and communication across and within communities. Of Indian descent, born in Kenya and raised in Australia, writer and consultant Tasneem Chopra know a thing or two about living across cultures. In 2014, she contributed an essay to the book … Read more

Meet 3 Muslim life-coaches who apply a sprinkling of spirituality

We have personal trainers, therapists and workplace mentors. But an emerging trend is life coaching, couched in the self-help universe.¬†Amal Awad¬†speaks to three Muslim women who are dedicated to empowering others. Anthony Robbins, with his humour and incantation-infused message of personal growth, is a household name. Not far behind him is Louise L Hay, whose … Read more