Upcycling Pre-Loved Scarves

Do you have pre-loved scarves that you just don’t wear anymore?

You can refashion them into beautiful and functional pieces or use them to lift up any boring space. Done properly, it may even turn out artsy in a contemporary setting or chic to fit the shabby look!

There are many fabulous and crafty ways to pull it off. This week, we bring you some of our favorite DIY tips and tricks.

1) Curtain

Img Source: wayfair.ca

2) Wall Art Decor

Img Source: pinterest.com

3) Cushion or Pillows

Img Source: pinterest.com

4) Bed Covers

Img Source: etsy.com

6) Lampshade

Img Source: shop.thepleatedpoppy.com

Next, we’ll show you how to remake this cool vintage scarf curtain translating your space into one shabby chic look. Kim DeMarsh shows how easily this is done!

Just scroll through the images below for the step-by-step procedure.

  1. Using a plain curtain as a base, assemble your scarves on top
  2. Arrange the layout as desired
  3. Once you are happy with the look, secure their positions with pins and sew. If you are not handy with needles, you can use fabric glue to stitch them up
  4. You are done!

If you’re not good with needles, use fabric glue or iron-on adhesive as an alternative to stitching your curtain. Visit this link for helpful information to guide you along.

Img Source: etsy.com

Want more? Stay tuned! We’ll soon be sharing a DIY tutorial on how to make a gorgeous fabric lampshade using pre-loved scarves. Don’t touch that mouse!

Which upcycling project do you love most and could potentially do it yourself?