3 Things You Should Know About Trusted Traveler Programs

While most countries are now removing the rules related to pandemics that can significantly fasten the process when you are traveling, there are still many parts of the procedure that will make your time at the airport annoying. That is especially the case with security protocols. They are very important since they will prevent suspicious people from entering the country. However, it is not a rare case that a random person will be detail checked for no reason.

There is a way to avoid that and make your traveling experience more pleasant. You can do that by choosing the right trusted traveler option. If you want to learn more about the reasons to choose some of these options, visit this site. Also, here are some important things to know about these programs.

1. Main Features

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Even though there are some details unique for any of these programs, the main point is the same, and that is to allow the system to check your identity in advance and make sure that you don’t represent a threat in any way. The main advantage is that when you arrive at the airport, the security guards will only check your passport along with the luggage.

However, you won’t be sent to a detailed check where you will have to open your bags, take off your clothes, and more.

Also, you will be able to skip the long line that is often present at this section since all people who are not using any of these programs must be checked for possible carrying of illegal things, or checking if some person might have issues with the law. There are some common rules for those who want to participate in the program, and that is to provide your documents and take an interview where they can make sure that you are eligible.

2. Who Can Use It?

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It depends on the program you choose when it comes to the country where you live. Most of them are available in the US, but there are options that you can get if you live in Canada or some European country as well. It is crucial to have a clear history. People who are not allowed to enter the country for any reason cannot expect to get any of these options as well. Also, those with ongoing or past charges are not eligible.

The same is for people who had issues while traveling. That is related to attempts to carry illegal stuff or avoid any other rules. Make sure that the information you provide during the application is correct. Even a small mistake like the wrong date of birth can lead to permanent rejection. As you can see, this is a very strict process, which means that you should never rush with it.

3. What Are The Best Options?

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There are several models that you can choose to improve your experience when traveling. Before we start with details related to models created for airports, we have to mention Fast, which is a new system that truck and bus drivers can use to make their time at the border with the US much faster and easier.

This is very important for companies that are importing and exporting goods to Mexico and Canada. When it comes to people interested in a program that will help them at the airport, the best solutions are TSA, Global Entry, Nexus, and Sentri.


This model is perfect for US citizens when they want to travel across the United States. Also, other countries accept this program as well. The main advantage is that you will enter a different line when you arrive at the airport. There is a collaboration with security and airline companies where additional corners are available for fast entry. Also, there won’t be a need to open your bags, take off clothes, turn on your laptop, and you can also carry a bottle of water or juice with you.

The process of application is not too complicated. All you need to do is to provide your documents and take an interview. The price is $85, and you will have to renew the license after five years. The great thing is that this option is widespread.

Global Entry

This is a similar process to the first option we mentioned. It represents a system that will check your history and background. One of the main advantages is that other countries accept it. That is the case with India, EU, Canada, and the UK.

When you choose this model, those airports that allow it have a special stand for users where you can simply scan your passport and get to the plane. There won’t be a need for security to make any additional check-ups on you. The price is $100. Even if you are only a resident in the US, there is a chance to get this model.


This model is perfect for those who are often traveling between states and Canada. Also, it applies to vehicles and boats as well. It is available to both US and Canadian citizens. For example, the great thing is when you want to go to Canada with your car since you can simply pass the border by only showing your passport. Using a plane to travel will become much easier and faster because you will skip the guards. Therefore, even if there is a longer line, all users will complete the check-in in a couple of minutes.

Last Words

As you can see, all of these options are offering the same or similar benefits for those who want to travel. However, there are some differences that can help you make the right choice. For example, you can use one option when you want to visit Europe, or another one if you want to cruise around northern America. The point remains the same, and that is to allow them to check your background so they can be sure that there are no reasons for any sort of detailed scanning and checking of your luggage.