Scholarships for Muslim Students

Scholarships have played an integral part in many students’ educational journeys, especially those that cannot afford high tuition fees. With so many scholarships on offer across the world, for a student to be eligible, they need to meet a set requirement.

Simply being Muslim can be one of the requirements of some programs while others will want students to write a proposal. Students that struggle to put together an amazing piece can hire a writer for scholarship essay by visiting this site and this article will look at some of the scholarships for Muslim students that are out there.

Are scholarships for Muslim high school students available out there?


Contrary to the belief that there is a lack of Muslim scholarships out there, there are so many of them all across the world, especially in countries like the UK, USA, Canada, and Australia. One just needs to look at the correct website to find the one that meets their needs and what they want to achieve in the future.

Every single scholarship has a reason for its existence with many Muslim scholarships being set up to reward outstanding students from across the world. While others are set up to find a potential future leader who can make a difference to people in their local community and the world.

Muslim scholarship requirements


Just like every other scholarship out there, for one to be eligible, there is a set requirement that they must meet. The main requirement is one has to be Muslim and other common requirements include showing strong academic performance and passing a test or exam. If one meets these requirements, one will be awarded the scholarship and the chance to further their education.

Scholarships for Muslim college students

Islamic development bank scholarships

For Muslim students that have a passion for human resource development, this is the perfect program for them. There are Ph.D., master’s, and degree programs available with this scholarship making it perfect for anyone no matter their background.

Human resources are important when it comes to the advancement of society and this program is perfectly designed to educate the next generation of Muslim students on the importance of everything to do with human resources. Everything from medical care, airfare, and tuition fees are all covered for any student that is selected for this program which is good news for those that come from poor backgrounds.

Islamic scholarship fund

This scholarship is meant for students who love numbers and anything to do with finance. The country of study is the USA, and it is for Muslims who reside there. To be selected for this scholarship, applicants must be American citizens or currently living in the USA and have a degree from a top educational institute. Only a few of these are handed out each year and will cover accommodation and tuition fees.

Oxford Center for Islamic scholarships

Any student who wishes to study at the university of oxford needs to apply for this scholarship because it is one of the best around. The university of oxford will cover 100% of the tuition fee and living expenses meaning a student doesn’t have to worry about anything.

Muslim students that are currently enrolled in a full-time program at the university of oxford are eligible as well as those from other countries with the condition that they must return to their home country when they complete their course.

Aziz foundation scholarship


This scholarship is perfect for British Muslims who are living in the UK with 100% of the tuition fee covered. Eligible candidates must have shown that they have had a positive impact on their local community and will prioritize those that are going through financial hardship.

This scholarship has partnered with Aston University Birmingham, the University of St. Andrews, the University of Sussex, the City University of London, Regent’s Park College, and the University of Cambridge.

ASSR Science Scholarships

This scholarship is sponsored by the Canadian Albert association and caters to international students who want to study in Canada. The study is full time and spots are limited for undergraduate students. What many people don’t know is that this program has been around since 1994. From the mid-’90s till 2024, this scholarship has been going strong and has produced students that have gone on to achieve bigger and better things throughout their careers.

King Faisal foundation scholarship programs

This scholarship is open to students from across the world who can show they have performed well academically in their respective countries. Financial support is provided for students as they study courses in medicine, engineering, and science. There are postgraduate and undergraduate programs available giving students the chance to study under the King Faisal Foundation umbrella.

MAX Scholarships


Muslim Awards for Excellence is a great program that caters to Muslim students who are in Canada as a reward for their hard work. To be eligible. A student needs to show strong academic performance in university and high school. Courses are available in medicine, humanitarian, business, engineering, and science.

Muslim education trust scholarship

This wonderful program is for Indian students in India and provides financial aid as they are studying. Many Indian students come from poor backgrounds and a program like this is a good relief, especially for families that cannot afford to send their children to a top university or college.

Students who are considered for this program need to show that they have performed well academically throughout their studies and must pass an exam. Once they have met these criteria, they will be awarded the scholarship and on their way to getting the best education possible.

Fadel educational foundation scholarship

Last on the list is the Fadel Educational Foundation Scholarship which covers $10,000 of a student’s tuition fee, and it caters to Muslims in the USA. This can make a massive defense, especially for those that come from poor backgrounds. Strong academic performance is a must to be eligible for this program and when a student meets the criteria, they will be picked.

Overall the above scholarships for Muslim students are there to help those that deserve them achieve their dream of completing a course they couldn’t because of financial constraints. Not everyone has the money to study at a top university or college because tuition fees keep rising every year. Almost every scholarship mentioned above covers the full tuition fee for Muslim students which is fantastic meaning that all they can focus on is studying and being the best they can be. We should see more scholarship pop up in the next 5 years as universities in the UK, USA, and Canada are doing everything they can to have more programs for Muslim students because they recognize there is a shortage of them.