Photography Contest: The Spirit of Ramadan

Your Ramadhan photographs are just waiting for you to enter this competition. This is an invitation to all professional and amateur photographers: show the world your talent while you showcase the beauty of Islam. The 2012 International Ramadan Photography Competition (IRPC), Capture the Spirit of Ramadan is now open. The aim of this project is to share … Read more

Nigeria’s film industry gains economic recognition

LAGOS, April 7, 2014 (AFP) – Nollywood directors and investors yesterday hailed the industry’s inclusion in Nigeria’s economic data for the first time, calling it a recognition of the sector’s growing power and influence. Africa’s most populous nation and leading oil producer became the continent’s largest economy on Sunday when the government announced the long-overdue … Read more

Peter’s Picks: The Unifying Power of Man and Guitar, Saif Adam

This week we hum along within the realm of music as Peter Gould features a talented singer-songwriter whose star is quickly rising. British musician Saif Adam has recently released his debut album, and it’s simply gorgeous. Heart brings listeners on an uplifting and inspiring musical journey that explores themes many hearts will relate to. Watching him perform an intimate live acoustic … Read more

Peter’s Picks: Exploring Art’s Intersections

This week, Peter Gould spreads the word about a calligrapher who expands her artistic boundaries to venture into entirely different realms of expression. Soraya Sanders is a gifted calligrapher based in the UK. Her recent project, Hurriyah (video below; meaning “Freedom” in Arabic), is a stunning creative fusion of calligraphy, animation and dance. Soraya has pushed and shifted the … Read more

A New Feminist Movement? Middle Eastern Hijabis as Superheroes

In the late 1980s, feminism in the Middle Eastern and North African (MENA) context gained prominence in international debate. Research addressed “the status of women in Muslim countries through two frames: the inhibiting effects of Islam and the potential for reform through norms building.” Many contemporary scholars concluded, “Islam, specifically the prevailing interpretations of Islamic … Read more