Scholar Spotlight: Hamza Yusuf

In the first of this series of profiles on the world’s most influential Muslim scholars, Omar Shahid digs beneath the surface to discover the man beneath the title of sheikh. All images from Hamza Yusuf and Zaytuna College Facebook page. Sheikh Hamza Yusuf is what you might call a celebrity scholar. After giving a talk, he is often besieged by eager … Read more

Scholar spotlight: Dr Zainab Alwani, reclaiming gender equality in Islamic scholarship

This prominent American scholar, academic and activist often finds herself to be the only Muslim female scholar on stage at conferences. She spoke to Omar Shahid. The idea that Islam oppresses women has been allowed to flourish right across the world. Islamophobes, right-wing commentators and neo-conservatives will use it as a platform to launch scathing attacks … Read more

Soulmates For Life?

Najwa Abdullah asks: Is it time for a rethink on our long-held views on the search for a soulmate? Few weeks ago, on a glorious afternoon, I met a good friend of mine. As we chatted over a cup of coffee in the hectic city of Jakarta, our conversation took an unexpectedly profound turn. Some of … Read more