The Curious Phenomenon of ‘Ramadan Hijabis’

Indonesia sees a sudden surge in popularity for headscarves in the lead-up to, and during, Ramadan. Afia R Fitriati examines this seasonal shift. It’s that time of the year when fasts replace lunches, Maghrib is the happiest time of the day and covered styles replace cleavage-baring clothes. Huh? You read it right the first time. Here in … Read more

Style spied: Leena Asad from Texas, USA

Who says you can’t be fashionable just because you’re in the medical field? By Shea Rasol. 20-year-old Leena is mad about science. Pursuing a nursing degree, the hijabista of American-Palestinian descent hopes to one day provide medical care for women. Hailing from a small town in Texas, the recently engaged fashionista began fashion blogging at With Love … Read more

Buy Lingerie Without Feeling Embarrassed And Being Judged

Sabrina Marican and Wirda Elliesa are young Muslimahs who are breaking the taboo around lingerie with their brand – Luxegerie. Shruti Gattani rounds up both ladies and finds out how they are encouraging women to look good, while sticking to their beliefs. Asia is still considered the conservative cousin of America and Europe, despite Muslims’ efforts to break taboos … Read more

The baju kurung: A Malaysian icon of modesty

Shea Rasol brings us the basics of this traditional Malay outfit. Demure, classy and suitable for every woman, why not get one for Eid this year? Originating from the Malay Peninsula in Southeast Asia, the baju kurung is a two-piece: a long-sleeve top worn over a long skirt. Loosely meaning “covered clothing”, the baju kurung should … Read more