What Makes Arabic and Middle Eastern Jewelry So Unique

Many people would say that jewelry is the earliest example of art. Yes, nowadays, in most parts of the world, jewelry is adored for its beauty and the sense of prestige and wealth it provides. However, the truth is that people have been making these pieces from the first moment they discovered metal and saw … Read more

For the love of tradition: Why arranged marriages remain relevant

The couple in front of Wazir Khan Mosque in Lahore the week of their nikkah, January 2009. Does a centuries-old custom hold a key to love and happiness? By Shireen Qudosi. “Happily ever after” isn’t always about finding your prince charming. Sometimes it can be about finding a toad with potential. The modern dating scene, befuddled … Read more

The 5 female Arab artists that we fell in love with

Artistic talent abounds in the Middle East and these five female Arab artists will, and we guarantee it, absolutely take your breath away. Rania Matar Rania Matar was born and raised in Lebanon and moved to the United States in 1984. Originally trained as an architect at the American University of Beirut and at Cornell … Read more

The empire strikes back: Turkish TV dramas and cultural colonialism

A wave of craze over Turkish soaps is washing over countries stretching from the Middle East to Greece. Elest Ali asks if this is a new kind of cultural imperialism. On my most recent visit to Dubai four months ago, a lady in a mall prayer room rushed up to my mum and me after hearing us … Read more