Meet 3 Muslim life-coaches who apply a sprinkling of spirituality

We have personal trainers, therapists and workplace mentors. But an emerging trend is life coaching, couched in the self-help universe. Amal Awad speaks to three Muslim women who are dedicated to empowering others. Anthony Robbins, with his humour and incantation-infused message of personal growth, is a household name. Not far behind him is Louise L Hay, whose … Read more

Shortening Solat While Travelling

The rigorous schedule of solat comes with many flexibilities. Afia R Fitriati gives a concise guide to the exemptions of jama’ and qasar available for traveling Muslims. Many of my non-Muslim friends wondered how I could fit in the time to pray five times within any given day. In my opinion, making the time to … Read more

The hijab obsession: moving on…

The overwhelming focus on hijab contradicts the principles of modesty and moderation, writes Sya Taha. When I was still a student of gender and development in The Hague, I was having a discussion with a Muslim friend from Rwanda. As we spoke about the norms of coverage when it comes to traditional dress, our focus shifted … Read more