Best Ways to Learn French for Muslims

Do you want to learn French and don’t know where to start? This blog will help you out and give you the best ways to learn. Are you a Muslim looking for the best language learning techniques that follow your faith? Try Preply to boost your language skills.

We’ll go over how Muslims can better engage in language learning by using religious or secular methods. Knowing another culture’s language has many benefits, and it doesn’t have to be complicated. There are some great tips on how Muslims can make their new journey into the French easier. So if one day someone asks “Parlez-vous Français?” You’ll be able to answer confidently with an “Oui!”

Learn the Language Through Culture

Islam celebrates two major holidays, Aïd el-Fitr and l’Aiid al Adha. These days of celebration mark the end of Ramadan, which is a monthlong fast during which Muslims reflect on their spirituality and enjoy some family time together with friends & neighbors. There’s Eid ul Fitr (the Festival Of Breaking The Fast), when you’ll be able to eat all sorts of kebabs that were previously off-limits until now.

The Muslim holidays follow a lunar calendar, meaning that their dates change every year when translated into our usual Gregorian solar calendar. The different Muslims cultures have varying preferences for selecting which day of the week they observe religious observance on – Tuesday or Thursday would be two examples among many possibilities even within just one culture’s traditions. You can use the holidays to engage with the language.



Ramadan is a time for prayer, charity, good deeds. It begins on Earth as we prepare for sacrifice by fasting from dawn until sunset but ends with an even greater reward: peace within ourselves at having done our best to be better than what life throws at us each day – whether through success or failures alike.

The Muslims must refrain from all sinful behavior and sexual ones; pray with awareness of God’s presence throughout their day or evening time, read Quran daily if possible – it will make you stronger. Finally, remember that Islam is based on giving more than just donations but by doing good works too, so be generous toward others no matter what your faith may look like.

The Islamic faith requires the observance of five compulsory daily prayers, but a sixth one must be recited during Ramadan.

You don’t have to go out into town or Mosque at night – just read your Koran aloud with others in your Mosque. Start learning Quran in French. It can be helpful.

The Arabic expression “Ramadan moubarak” translates to the French phrase ‘Ramadan bénies et heureux’ so you can say it in your native language too.

Movies and Series


France is a country with an illustrious history, and cinema has played a significant role in France. Watch movies if you want to learn about the French language without having much interaction. Films often contain dialogues that help listeners understand how people talk there; watching them can give us insight into our own speech patterns.

An efficient way to learn French is by watching subtitled movies. This will help you read what’s being said, which increases the chance that new vocabulary sticks in your head for more extended periods and absorbs better.

Personal Records


Try keeping some sort of personal record like journals where they can write down anything that comes into their head without worrying whether anyone else understands it. It also gives them more space than just one page since these little books never run out.

The best way is by noting down new vocabulary as soon as possible if you want to expand your linguistic repertoire. Get a small notebook and write it all down whenever possible – even if it’s just for five minutes at lunchtime. Return each week after classes are done with this task so that no word or phrase slips past us thanks to fatigue from not having used them recently enough.



You don’t need to spend all of your energy to make a full-length film if you struggle with the idea. YouTube videos can be an effective alternative, as they provide short clips for learners who want something easy to digest or those without much free time on hand. The endless options available through this site will indeed have something just suitable for anyone’s needs – no matter how specific they may seem.

Try watching a French YouTuber if you enjoy cooking and want to cook something new. There are many different channels with tutorials on everything from travel tips for your vacation abroad or how-to’s highlighting cooking or reading. You can watch music videos teaching people about genres like rap while still being accessible enough to educate beginners and entertain veterans of the genre alike.

Stress On Grammar


“Bescherelle: la conjugation pour tous” is an excellent book for beginners who are new to French grammar. This workbook includes everything from simple past tense lessons all the way up to conditional expressions. It also provides clear explanations on how each verb should be used in context while making it easier than ever before with examples that will help make learning fun and engaging.

Do you ever feel like grammar is the most tedious part of learning French? Don’t worry if you think so: get inspired by the culture and use it in language learning. Designate a specific time for practicing, and make sure to do it when your energy levels are high. Prioritize what’s essential in life concerning language acquisition by focusing on those exercises that energize or motivate rather than bore you.

Final Thoughts

As a Muslim person, if you want to study French and don’t know where to start, we hope this article has been helpful. Some many tips and tricks can help make your studies more enjoyable and productive. Contact us for further assistance if there is any other information you would like to learn about studying Arabic or Islam in France!