10 Clever Household Tips

Over the years, we have learned of handy hints and nifty ideas that make our life a little easier around the house.

On that note, we present 10 why-didn’t-I-think-of-that ideas that are too clever not to share!

1. Hull strawberries easily by popping and pushing a straw through the core

Img Source: pinterest.com

2. Cleverly disguise any dings and scrapes on your furniture by rubbing a walnut directly over scratches

Img Source: angieslist.com

3. Remove crayon marks off walls and television or computer screens by spraying some WD-40 onto a flannel (use a microfibre soft cloth for your TV and computer screens) before wiping the stains off

Img Source: shpock.com

4. When picking an apple for lunch, secure the cut apple with a rubber band to prevent oxidation from forming

Img Source: athomewithrealfood.blogspot.com

5. Save time organizing your bedlinen sets by tucking them into one of their own pillowcases

Img Sourec: lifehacker.com

6. Snap, stick and store away soft toys onto a strip of velcro on the wall

Img Source: filmsuppliesonline.com.au

7. Putting a stocking over a vacuum hose will trap tiny lost items waiting to be found

Img Source: bobvila.com

8. Reuse clean shower caps by storing shoes when packing for a vacation

Img Source: verywellfit.com

9. Transform a cupcake pan into an instant stationery or art and craft stand. Additional tip: Line the bottom of each cup with self-adhesive magnetic stickers to secure them in place

Img Source: berghoffworldwide.com

10. It’s so much easier and even more fun to eat cupcakes out of ice cream cones. No more sticky fingers from peeling off cupcake wrappers – and less wastage!

Img Soruce: popsugar.com

What do you think? Have you tried any of these ideas in the past? Do you have other tips to share?

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