The world’s most eligible Muslim royals 2014: Charming princes

If you’re a woman into lifestyle magazines, chances are slim that you’ve never dreamed of a royal wedding. Hopefully, you’ve wised up since those deluded Disney princess days. But if not, you’ve come to the right place. First things first, you’ll have to nab a prince. No point in dreaming up the dress before you’ve got … Read more

Hijabi horde mobs Muslim YouTube heartthrob in London meet-up

There’s nothing quite like a herd of hijabis behaving horrendously to start a debate amongst Muslims, writes Ameera Al Hakawati. But maybe it’s time “modern” Muslimahs realize they need to turn it down a notch. I will confess that I had no idea who Adam Saleh – one half of the TrueStoryASA duo – was until … Read more

The Halal Guide to Films

Films are loved on a global scale, but if you grew up in a Muslim household, it always had to be PG-13. Amal Awad gives her top six Muslim parent-friendly choices. I’m a self-confessed movie lover, so much so that I’m even learning how to write them. I put this down to one central but not entirely … Read more

8 common reactions to Ramadan fasting by our non-Muslim friends

From supportive and inquisitive to insensitive and even ninja, living in a multi-racial country brings out memorable moments from our friends of all faiths. Shea Rasol shares one cool video interpretation. No matter where we live in the world, we all have non-Muslim neighbors. So when a celebration comes round for a particular race or religion, it … Read more

4 female Muslim superheroes countering stereotypes

When Muslim women are portrayed in literature or film, they’re often presented in ways where they need to be ‘saved’, often lacking the agency to accomplish this on their own. Instead, there’s usually a savior around somewhere to save the day. These four superheroes represent a radical diversion from this – not only does she … Read more

Soulmates For Life?

Najwa Abdullah asks: Is it time for a rethink on our long-held views on the search for a soulmate? Few weeks ago, on a glorious afternoon, I met a good friend of mine. As we chatted over a cup of coffee in the hectic city of Jakarta, our conversation took an unexpectedly profound turn. Some of … Read more

Peter’s Picks: The Unifying Power of Man and Guitar, Saif Adam

This week we hum along within the realm of music as Peter Gould features a talented singer-songwriter whose star is quickly rising. British musician Saif Adam has recently released his debut album, and it’s simply gorgeous. Heart brings listeners on an uplifting and inspiring musical journey that explores themes many hearts will relate to. Watching him perform an intimate live acoustic … Read more

Muslimah Bloggers International

In the second of this two-part feature, Zinah Nur Sharif casts a net across the world wide web to capture and showcase even more modest and fabulous bloggers, and what triggered them to start blogging. In my previous post I shed some light on five modest and fabulous UK-based bloggers and their motivations. But that’s not where the train … Read more

Hippies, Hip-hop and Mipsters – Somewhere from America

Jonathan Wilson examines the Mipsters sub-culture as he speaks to Abbas Rattani, one of the creators behind the viral video. So, here’s the irony: My slightly tongue-in-cheek first article for Aquila Style asked where the fashionable Muslim men are, and why Muslim women are grabbing all of the headlines. What happens? I get contacted by The Times newspaper to comment on … Read more