10 Must Have Books for Muslim Children

Isra Hashmi recommends these books to get children to love reading. Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) reportedly said, ‘The seeking of knowledge is a duty upon every Muslim.’[i] Knowledge is a cornerstone of Islam. As we should keep learning from the cradle to the grave, my duty as a parent is to instil a love … Read more

GhalamDAR: Persian calligraffiti sensation

GhalamDAR Profile: Please Visit his official website HERE and Facebook page HERE. GhalamDAR – ‘the writer’ in Farsi – is an emerging artist, working primarily in graffiti since 2006. Born in 1994 in Tehran, Iran and in the beginning as a youngster, he wanted to add colour to his gray colored hometown and to break the habit and … Read more

Iran demonstrators call for attention to hijab

TEHRAN, May 7, 2014 (AFP) – Thousands of religious hardliners protested in Tehran yesterday against what they said was the flouting of Iran’s conservative female dress code, media reports said. Under Islamic law in practice since the 1979 revolution, the hijab is obligatory. “Some 4,000 demonstrators urged the authorities and people to take heed of the situation … Read more

10 beautiful mosques you’ve probably never heard of

Architecturally brilliant and historically important, these stunning mosques exude the diversity of the Islamic faith. How many are you familiar with? By Laila Achmad
 and Patricea Chow-Capodieci. If a Muslim society were a family, the mosque would undoubtedly be their mother. As the centre of a Muslim’s life, mosques provide space for prayer, settling disputes and learning. The Moghuls were responsible … Read more