Style spied: Saufeeya Goodson from North Carolina, USA

Her journey with her hijab brought her to where she is today. Spotted by Shea Rasol.

Currently running both a fashion and personal blog, 20-year-old Saufeeya writes on various topics. Working on self-imposed projects about Islam, health and modest fashion, Saufeeya believes that this is one of the ways she can create awareness of real Muslim woman – as opposed to depictions in the media.

A former student of an Islamic school in North Carolina, Saufeeya became a hijabi simply by following her elders as a child, with no clear understanding of what it was for.

“The hijab was nothing foreign to me, I grew up seeing women wearing it and it was [the] norm.” However, after gaining deeper Islamic knowledge, the hijab now has more meaning for Saufeeya as she understands its purpose as being to please her Creator.

Aiming to inspire other women with her creative expressions, images and thoughts, Muslim and non-Muslim women who are insecure about the hijab are welcome to experience the garment visually.

“What interests me the most is the power that comes with visual presentation. It speaks volumes [with] colors, shapes, angles, poses, places and the quality of the subject.”

To those struggling with the hijab, she has some advice. “Understand the purpose and reasoning behind the hijab. Grow in knowledge, know that the hijab isn’t just a headpiece and modest clothing, it goes further and beyond all that. Hijab is the way you act, the way you speak, the way you carry yourself and so much more!”

Follow her writing on her blog and connect with her on Instagram @feeeeya